What Is Beveled Glass?

What Is Beveled Glass?

Choosing the right windows may not seem like the most exciting part of a home remodel, but there’s a wider variety in window treatments than you might expect. One window treatment that is growing increasingly popular among homeowners is beveled glass. You’ve probably seen beveled glass featured in the decorative edges of certain mirrors and chandeliers, but beveled glass can also be used for windows, doors, and tabletops.

But what exactly is beveled glass, and what can it do for the windows in your home. Shutters And More is the premium producer of custom wooden shutters and gorgeous window treatments in Los Angeles — and that includes breathtaking beveled glass window + shutters combinations. In today’s blog, we’ll introduce you to beveled glass, explain how it’s produced, and briefly run over some of the benefits it can add to your windows. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider beveled glass during your next home remodel, and visit the Shutters And More showroom in Los Angeles to get a firsthand look at our one-of-a-kind design work!

What Is Beveled Glass?

Beveled glass is a style of glass in which the edges of a pane of glass are tapered and shaped to achieve a certain design pattern and beautify the glass. Beveled glass designs can also be tapered and textured in different ways to add certain colors to the light that passes through the glass, modify the opacity of the glass, or even create a thinner or thicker piece of glass.

Beveled glass panes are most often made with ¼”-thick clear glass, with the edges of the glass being ground and tapered at an angle before being polished to bring out the details of the specific design pattern (the ‘bevel’ in beveled glass). The beveled edges of the glass are what make each design unique, as the edges act as prisms for the light that pass through the glass, capturing the natural light and refracting it into a beautiful spectrum of colors and patterns.

The most common patterns for beveled glass include diamonds, straight line rectangles, and squares, though some beveled glass window manufacturers, such as Shutters And More in Los Angeles, are capable of creating a far greater variety of shapes and unique design patterns.

How Beveled Glass Can Benefit Your Home

As you can imagine with their intricately stylized edges, beveled glass windows and window inserts add a touch of elegance to any window or room in which they’re installed — but their benefits go far beyond the aesthetic.

The way that beveled glass refracts the light which passes through it not only creates beautiful light patterns within your home, it also obscures the view that neighbors and Peeping Toms have through the glass. Adding beveled glass to your windows enhances the privacy you enjoy your home by making it more difficult for outsiders to see through your windows.

While most beveled glass window panes are made with glass of standard thickness, some can be made to be thicker in the middle, since the edges of beveled glass are always thinner than their non-beveled centers. This variance in thickness means that you could theoretically obtain beveled glass windows that are of standard ¼” inch thickness on their beveled edges, and thicker in the middle. Doing so could give your home more durable windows, increasing your home’s protection against weather-related damage and similar environmental threats to your home’s windows.

Aesthetic boosts to your home aren’t just a matter of personal taste, either. When you add beveled glass windows or window inserts to your home, you’ll raise your home’s value on the real estate market. If you want to increase your property value, or are considering a home remodel as a precursor to moving, beveled glass can be a particularly prudent addition to the changes you make around your home.

Beveled Glass Window Shutter Treatments At Shutters And More

Shutters And More is proud to be one of the top-rated producers of window shutters and other window treatments in the Los Angeles area. When it comes to beveled glass, we offer beautiful shutters with custom beveled glass inserts to add privacy to your home while still letting natural light in. Our beveled glass designs come in a multitude of shapes and textures, giving you complete control over the design. We’re not restricted to standard window sizes like other manufacturers, either.

Because we make our beveled glass designs completely custom, we can craft beveled glass panes to fit windows and panels of practically any shape and size. If you already have beveled glass in your home that you like the design of, we can create custom beveled glass panels to match the design of your existing bevel pattern!

Call Shutters And More to get a quote on beveled glass for your home’s windows, and visit our showroom in Los Angeles today to see our beautiful beveled glass design work in person! We look forward to helping you!

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