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Shutter Specifications

Craftmanship in Manufacturing and Construction of Wood Shutters

Variations in construction quality can be found in every part of the shutter panel, from material selection, joints, tension systems, hardware, finish and installation. The right quality shutter will last for decades.

Type of wood: Our shutters are made to the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as fine wood furniture. However, unlike your furniture at home, much of which is likely constructed of a substrate material, veneered in only a thin layer of wood, pressed or finger joint material, our shutters and all 100% solid wood.

All our interior shutters are manufactured from the finest quality solid Basswood where the saw mills produce a more stable product using kilns that dry the Basswood to specifications that exceed Hardwood Industry standards, which include bringing the wood down to a final moisture content of between 6% and 10%, and where the color is more consistent because in these colder climates, the lumber does not pick up minerals from the soil as they would in warmer regions.

Basswood is the preferable hardwood chosen for quality shutters because of its outstanding machinability, screw holding and gluing ability, structural stability and even grain characteristics.

All our exterior shutters are manufactured using solid cedar wood for durability and weather resistance.

Production Process: We don’t carry an inventory of ready-made panels or components. Instead, we make each shutter to your specifications and no stock pieces are used.

Our factory facility is designed to allow efficient in-line production, inspection, finishing and pre-framing processes. Dimensions of machined materials are checked with digital readout calipers providing the accuracy that is required to make our panels meet your size specifications and at the same time be uniform to each other. All component parts are inspected and detailed in every phase of the assembly process. Tools and machinery are calibrated and adjusted often to assure that tolerances are correct and each component part of every shutter is precisely made to fit exactly. We take great pride in the design and quality of our shutters, and we won’t sacrifice our high standard of quality we have maintained for so many years.

Stiles and Rails, as well as hanging strips are “book matched” for color consistency in all stained shutters. Stiles are available in a variety of different profiles and dimensions so as to create the perfect panel by aligning with your existing window sash. Inner-panel stiles are rabitted for perfect light seal. All inner and outer panels are mortised for hinges to ensure tight light seals.

While top and bottom rails are most often the same height, they are available in a variety of different dimensions to match your existing windows sash.

3/8” x 2” fluted dowels are glued on 1” centers.(minimum of three per joinery of stiles to rails). In addition, biscuit joinery is utilized in extra large panels and shapes. No screws.

All panels are factory mortised for hinges to ensure tight light control. Hinges are available in powder coated to match paint, antique brass, bright brass, polished chrome, Nickel, oil rubbed bronze.

Only heavy gauge friction glued galvanized (non-corroding) staples are used to attach the louvers to the tilt rod to eliminate staple pullouts and allow for a smooth and unison adjustment of louver angle.

Self-lubricating nylon pins are used on all louvers to allow for smooth opening and closing. In additions, standard on all panels is a tension screw, which allows for easy and convenient adjustment of louver tension, so as to maintain the desired opening. Two screws on all double hung and cut tilt rod panels. Unlike spring tensions, this allows tension to be adjusted to a desired level with very easy accessibility.

Elliptical and European shaped louver blades, also milled from top grade Basswood, conveniently control natural light, allow for temperature control and provide natural beauty. Louvers are available in the following sizes:

1-1/4”, 1-7/8”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 3-1/2”, 4”, 4-1/2”, 5-1/2”, 6-1/2”.

All panels are held closed with high profile, single six prong magnets for firmer hold and accurate alignment.

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